Project Cargo

HFS offers a complete turn-key project design and management service for complex intercontinental and local transport projects.


Our tools
  • High capacity low boys
  • High capacity cranes
  • High capacity fork lifts
  • Expert rigging equipment
  • Lashing and securing cargo
  • Police escorts and special transit permits
  • Contract rates with ocean carriers
  • Accessibility to lo/lo vessels/ro/ro vessels/bulk vessels/grain/tug and barge/Landing crafts


The Cargo

  • Heavy and over sized equipment
  • Oil, gas, or power and energy industry
  • Petrochemicals
  • Water environmental protection equipment
  • Waste disposer
  • Telecoms
  • Mining, mills and machinery
  • Floating cargo
  • Port Crane equipment and transport
  • Building and construction
  • Wind power




Client: Bouygues construction/SAIPEM

We transported all of the equipment used for the construction of the transshipment port DP World Caucedo ( In this project we performed ship chartering, oversized haul and lifting. Transport of 8,000m3 of machinery to five destinations over the world. Transporting heavy loads to destinations as exotic and Havana, Cuba and as remote as the desert in Morocco. Part charter vessel was used to Le Havre, France. Full charter vessel was used from Havana, Cuba to Rio Haina and for the later return of the cargo from Rio Haina back to Havana, Cuba. Lo/lo and ro/ro vessels were used in this operation. Local low boys, flat beds and chassis were used for the transport of the cargo on board a ro/ro vessel to Le Havre, for its later empty return to Rio Haina. Transport was done door/port and door/door.

Client: Odebrecth/Andrade Gutierrez

This project included ship chartering of a ro/ro vessel from the Dominican Republic to Callao, Peru for the transport of heavy construction machinery. Transport was done door Manzanillo /port Callao, Peru.

Client: Cummins/Power Generation

We transported over 3,000m3 of power generators and transformers as well as several shipper owned containers. This project included oversize and overweight lift and haul of transformers, part charter vessel to Houston, TX, and container sales. Transport was done door Bonao/ port Houston, Texas.

Client: Hurst Boiler/Westin Hotel

This project included the transport of an industrial washing machine, lifting and transporting oversized boilers. The challenge of this project was maneuvering boilers in very tight spaces inside the hotel basement, on unfinished earth flooring to its final resting place. Transport was done port/final resting place.

Client: Agencia Romar/USMAN

We unloaded from a lo/lo vessel, and stored in a bonded warehouse 3,000mt of bagged sodium silicate. HFS later palletized, shrink wrapped and trucked the cargo in transit to Port Au Prince Haiti.

Client: Various

After tropical storm Jeanne, all bridges and roads to the towns of Bavaro, Higuey and Macao were destroyed by the rains. The east of the country, were the majority of the hotels are, was disconnected from the Santo Domingo, were most products are produced. HFS quickly acted and chartered a landing craft from the neighboring island of Saint Thomas. Transport of fuel tanker trucks and container of foodstuffs was done from Chavon River to Bayahibe beach. Landing craft was the only choice; for there are no sea ports in the east. The disembarking site was Bayahibe beach were the draft is 2ft. Transport was done river bank/beach.

Client: Mediterranean Shipping Company

In 2005, the shore cranes in the port of Port au Prince, Haiti were experiencing mechanichal problems. These mechanichal problems caused a significant delay in the ship discharge operation. MSC opted to discharge their containers in the trashipment por of Caucedo, Domincan Reublic for them to be trucked, in bond to Haiti. HFS, exclusively, transported over 1,500 full containers in a period of six months.