OEA (Operador Económico Autorizado)

OEA is the status granted by a customs authority to a company that shows to be committed to safety throughout its supply chain, through the adoption of practices based on the improvement and compliance with safety requirements, which generates a series of benefits in its foreign trade operations, and recognition as a safe company for both its business partners and the customs authority.

The mission of the Authorized Economic Operator programs is to guarantee minimum levels of security and facilitate the flow of international trade, forging solid alliances between the public and private sectors that guarantee the security of the entire supply chain and build relationships of trust.

BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)

BASC DOMINICANA is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote among its members the development and execution of preventive actions aimed at preventing the smuggling of merchandise and narcotics through legitimate trade. It is a voluntary program that seeks, promotes and supports the increase of safety standards and protection of the Dominican export sector.

The mission of BASC is to generate a security culture in the supply chain trough the implementation of management systems and instruments applicable to international trade and related sectors.